A Ride to Remember

This week at Unique Marketing Experts, one of our customers had a special request. Kaley, from Casco, Michigan, was on a search for a Christmas present for her boyfriend, Kyle. Kyle grew up with a love for all things speed, including his grandfather’s 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle. After his grandfather passed, Kaley wanted to gift him something that will always remind him of his grandfather’s memory.

Kayley was not sure which size she wanted, so we gave her all of our options to choose from. Kayley chose an 18″x22″ poster that read the following:

“The car was won in a $20 raffle at the 2002 Armada Fair by Kene Collins and his grandson, Kyle. Kene and Kyle received the good news of winning the car and went to go pick it up. Kene and Kyle had an unbreakable bond while working on this car together. Since then, Kene has passed on, passing the Chevelle down to Kyle. Kyle has taken on the legacy to take the Chevelle to as many car shows as he can to honor the memory of his grandfather.”

Our graphic design team designed the poster in memory of Kyle’s grandfather and sent her the proofs. Once the poster was complete, Kaley came into our office to pick it up. She framed the poster, wrapped it, and gifted it to Kyle for Christmas. He was so happy to receive this gift in honor of his grandfather. We were so happy to be able to be a part of this beautiful memory!

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