Baby Collins

There’s nothing better than receiving a gift that is handmade with love! Our friends Kaley and Kyle were throwing a baby shower, so we decided to spoil them with some custom onesies and some baby essentials!

Kaley’s baby shower was held at Pine River Golf Course in Saint Clair, Michigan. The entire venue was decorated beautifully with a Winnie the Pooh theme! We played a few games, participated in a diaper raffle, and had a delicious meal! Watching Kaley open all of her gifts was our favorite part! We designed and printed three different onesies, along with some hair bows and baby essentials! She was so happy to receive all the wonderful gifts from her family and friends! We had such a fun time celebrating! What a beautiful day!

Guys Trip 2023
When it comes to vacations and weekend getaways, souvenirs are great way …
A Ride to Remember
This week at Unique Marketing Experts, one of our customers had a …

Guys Trip 2023

This week we worked on another custom vinyl project! The customer was going on a trip up north to Irons, Michigan to stay at Best Bear Lodge & Campground. It was a four-day trip, and he wanted to surprise his buddies with something to remember the trip with. He was looking at getting custom yetis, t-shirts, or can coozies. We suggested can coozies because they are cost-effective and can be used nearly anywhere or anytime!

He wasn’t too sure about what color for the coozies or text, but he knew what he wanted them to say. He wanted “Guy’s Trip 2023” on the front, and “Beer Me” on the backs. Our vinyl team informed him of the colors we had in stock since he was looking for something very soon. The customer chose a blue coozie with white text. The project took us a few days to finish, as we had to design, cut, print, and iron the vinyl onto 25 coozies. He packed for the trip, and picked up his coozies before heading up north. They drove to Best Bear in Irons, Michigan where they rode their dirt bikes, side-by-sides, relaxed, and sat by the bon fire with their new guy’s trip coozies.

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A Ride to Remember

This week at Unique Marketing Experts, one of our customers had a special request. Kaley, from Casco, Michigan, was on a search for a Christmas present for her boyfriend, Kyle. Kyle grew up with a love for all things speed, including his grandfather’s 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle. After his grandfather passed, Kaley wanted to gift him something that will always remind him of his grandfather’s memory.

Kayley was not sure which size she wanted, so we gave her all of our options to choose from. Kayley chose an 18″x22″ poster that read the following:

“The car was won in a $20 raffle at the 2002 Armada Fair by Kene Collins and his grandson, Kyle. Kene and Kyle received the good news of winning the car and went to go pick it up. Kene and Kyle had an unbreakable bond while working on this car together. Since then, Kene has passed on, passing the Chevelle down to Kyle. Kyle has taken on the legacy to take the Chevelle to as many car shows as he can to honor the memory of his grandfather.”

Our graphic design team designed the poster in memory of Kyle’s grandfather and sent her the proofs. Once the poster was complete, Kaley came into our office to pick it up. She framed the poster, wrapped it, and gifted it to Kyle for Christmas. He was so happy to receive this gift in honor of his grandfather. We were so happy to be able to be a part of this beautiful memory!

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Baby Collins
There's nothing better than receiving a gift that is handmade with love! …
Guys Trip 2023
When it comes to vacations and weekend getaways, souvenirs are great way …

I Need Grease to Live!

“I NEED GREASE TO LIVE!” decal created by Unique Marketing Experts

This week at Unique Marketing Experts, we switched things up a bit! We had a customer call us asking for vehicle decals for heavy equipment. Normally we do not complete these types of service, but UME was up for a challenge!

Brandon, the customer, was a certified heavy equipment mechanic from Richmond, Michigan. He was looking for two separate styles of labels for his machinery – one for service maintenance records, and one to remind his customers to grease their machines!

We chose waterproof 5″x4″ labels for both of the designs. The service label was a sleek white label that had spaces for the date and hours that the service was completed. The grease label was a sleek, waterproof label with bold white lettering and a black background. On the grease label, Brandon requested for them to say “I NEED GREASE TO LIVE” in capital letters.

The entire project took about a week to complete. Unique Marketing Experts designed both types of labels and sent the proofs to the customer. Once the proofs were approved, our team printed them. Brandon came to our office, picked up his stickers, and put them to the test!

Abrego Pools

Unique Marketing Experts just finished completing several marketing services for Abrego Pools. The customer requested a custom logo, website, Facebook Business Page, Google My Business, Google Analytics, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The first step to the process was creating the customer a logo that would establish a good first impression. We chose a simplistic pool graphic with a smooth cursive text to draw attention to the logo. Abrego Pools’ tagline and phone number was also added to the logo.

Once the logo was designed, it was time to create the website. We decided to go with a four-page website to effectively display all of the customer’s work and contact information. UME also designed a promotional video to display on the home page of their website. UME then did local SEO for his Google My Business Page, giving the customer over 100 citations. Now we are working on his Facebook marketing, and Pay Per Click. Since starting the Facebook marketing, he has been getting a lot of Facebook messages and a lot of inground pools in Michigan. Visit his page today to see some of our work!