Guys Trip 2023

This week we worked on another custom vinyl project! The customer was going on a trip up north to Irons, Michigan to stay at Best Bear Lodge & Campground. It was a four-day trip, and he wanted to surprise his buddies with something to remember the trip with. He was looking at getting custom yetis, t-shirts, or can coozies. We suggested can coozies because they are cost-effective and can be used nearly anywhere or anytime!

He wasn’t too sure about what color for the coozies or text, but he knew what he wanted them to say. He wanted “Guy’s Trip 2023” on the front, and “Beer Me” on the backs. Our vinyl team informed him of the colors we had in stock since he was looking for something very soon. The customer chose a blue coozie with white text. The project took us a few days to finish, as we had to design, cut, print, and iron the vinyl onto 25 coozies. He packed for the trip, and picked up his coozies before heading up north. They drove to Best Bear in Irons, Michigan where they rode their dirt bikes, side-by-sides, relaxed, and sat by the bon fire with their new guy’s trip coozies.

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