I Need Grease to Live!

“I NEED GREASE TO LIVE!” decal created by Unique Marketing Experts

This week at Unique Marketing Experts, we switched things up a bit! We had a customer call us asking for vehicle decals for heavy equipment. Normally we do not complete these types of service, but UME was up for a challenge!

Brandon, the customer, was a certified heavy equipment mechanic from Richmond, Michigan. He was looking for two separate styles of labels for his machinery – one for service maintenance records, and one to remind his customers to grease their machines!

We chose waterproof 5″x4″ labels for both of the designs. The service label was a sleek white label that had spaces for the date and hours that the service was completed. The grease label was a sleek, waterproof label with bold white lettering and a black background. On the grease label, Brandon requested for them to say “I NEED GREASE TO LIVE” in capital letters.

The entire project took about a week to complete. Unique Marketing Experts designed both types of labels and sent the proofs to the customer. Once the proofs were approved, our team printed them. Brandon came to our office, picked up his stickers, and put them to the test!

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